Barbara in Ghana

🇬🇭 Barbara was living in Ghana with her husband Ken and their daughter in 1960.  Whilst they were there she made a friend who asked her if she would manage his hotel for 3 months when he was on leave. Reluctantly Barbara agreed and the family moved into […]

Bob stops work to tell us his story

School Days in Darwen

Bob so enjoyed reading he wanted to tell some of his own stories, so here we have the first story. We can look forward to more of these in the future. For those who find reading difficult we have printed the text at the end. My days […]

On my NHS trolly

  Whatever the state of the NHS, it is still working well. I was caught up in the madness of swamped A&E last week. The press keep referring to patients on trolleys. They were not on trolleys, they were in beds, proper fully adjustable comfortable beds. I was […]


29th December 2016 It is calm in the kitchen now and I am revising my Social Media knowledge from yesterday. I am exploring all the menu options, something that has never drawn me in before. I am staggered by how much knowledge there is on one page. I […]

At The Start

27th December 2017 I find the whole Social Media thing completely baffling. It is made worse because the very word Password sends me into a fit The language is puzzling. I almost think I understand an article on Social Media but leave it not being able to explain […]