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27th December 2017

I find the whole Social Media thing completely baffling. It is made worse because the very word Password sends me into a fit

The language is puzzling. I almost think I understand an article on Social Media but leave it not being able to explain to the dog what it is all about.

I set up a new Facebook page for this project and within a day it was filled with other peoples mess. Actually it wasn’t. I had got everything wrong.  However things do appear without me knowing. Like a number of short videos. Interesting, sometimes downright funny. Then there is the news that someone in Timbuktu is eating cake for tea. Well DO I care? I want them to go away, BUT I have, by myself, invited them all in. Why? Because I want them to read what I say (post) on I want to read what they have to tell me and my friends. Maybe I have an attitude problem. Time for bed.


Next morning I found out that I had mixed up my Facebook and my website. Well its a learning curve, isn’t it?

I talked to Steve at the party last night. I am old enough to be his mother and he is a grandpa but he is so savvy – an old-fashioned word probably. I was blown away. What he talks of as normal in technology is just another world me – the one I am just about to enter. Follow me – –

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  1. I feel your pain Sylvia! We have much to learn though I have no ambition to know it all. Just sufficient to communicate with my nearest and dearest and of course to share a tale or two with you. Good luck with this project, I think it will be fun and besides, it will keep you out of mischief……………………..well possibly!

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