On my NHS trolly



Whatever the state of the NHS, it is still working well. I was caught up in the madness of swamped A&E last week. The press keep referring to patients on trolleys. They were not on trolleys, they were in beds, proper fully adjustable comfortable beds. I was in a corridor waiting to go to the assessment unit at Blackpool Victoria about 12 hrs and on arrival at the assessment unit was in a further queue till lunch time the next day.

The corridors in both departments were well staffed and patients were receiving excellent care. I was on Oxygen all of that time as well as nebulizers and my obs were done very regularly. I had as many hot drinks I could manage. Those patients I saw on the corridors were very sick, no malingerers at all. A proper hospital bed in a corridor, well staffed and doctors just around the corner, is no worse than a bed in a small bay.

Credit to everyone concerned at Blackpool Victoria, staff were brilliant and still smiling in spite of working under the most appalling conditions. People get sick, and last week saw the heaviest admission in 15 years. What can the hospital do, shut the doors? No they get on with job as best they possibly can. I survived and I am back home now.

I have absolutely no complaints whatsoever about my treatment. Very well done Blackpool Victoria and all the other A & E departments under the same strain.


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