True recent stories

Help from Social Media when it is most needed

MAY 2017

Following the horrendous killings at the Arena in Manchester on Monday 22nd I was unbelievably impressed by the positive use of Social Media. It brought help and consolation to many. It connected families. It connected strangers who were in a place to help the loved ones of people they had never met. It was a huge noticeboard on which to put pictures asking ‘Have you seen my child?’. People offered open ended help to when it was most needed and then got hundreds of positive responses. It was truly amazing. It was unbelievably positive. There are people who demean Social Media  but is a positive influence on todays society. It was a brilliant help to the troubled on Monday night. Social Media can be a life saver. One thing that I am a bit foggy about and need to learn about is that Facebook, the company, were able to detect the mobile users in the area and give them the opportunity to broadcast to all their friends and rellies that they had been in the area at the time and were quite safe. That alone must have saved a lot of anxiety.

Knowing how to make the best of our mobile phones can help us oldies too. After all, there are many times when we hesitate to do something because, if we get into trouble inadvertently, we are not sure how we would get the help we need. Watch this space for more about how to benefit from using a mobile phone – –


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