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January 2019

Time has melted the last few months away. I am now retired from business and pleased to say that Julie Ashworth has made Gardening Works hers now. I pop in from time to time. We have a short gossip and sometimes a hot chocolate too. Both my dogs reached +15 and have now left me. I miss them terribly. So, things change and I feel that it more important than ever that at least some of our stories are saved and savoured. There are some fabulous stories out there. There is a never ending resource as we all have hundreds of stories inside us. I so enjoy hearing people’s stories and I know that you will find many of interest to you. It is important to keep the pauses and imperfections in the telling. We are all human and the telling reveals detail that authenticates our conversations. I have too many friends who suffer from loss of recall to some extent and I would like to do some research one day about the benefits of telling their stories and recalling their memories to someone else. Perhaps revisiting their own stories here on Telling Tales helps to stimulate the mind. This may release more detail in the mind or just maybe revisiting their story makes them feel really happy. I wonder if anyone has any comment or ideas about how I should do this – or whether it is a waste of time even in the early stages of forgetfulness – I would love to hear your thoughts. The address is TellingTales.blog@gmail.com, write to me or just leave your phone number and I will call you back.

January 2017

I am old, born 1933. I’m the one on the left, the other is my sister-in-law on the right of the picture at the top of the page. 

I left school at 16. Started my own business at 63 encouraging you and others to grow their own food in the garden and allotment, on balconies, at school, in communities too. At Gardening Works we manufacture wooden Raised Beds of all sizes and shapes. Until then I had been a daughter, a housewife, a mother and a widow. I have a son, now 56 and a daughter 55. Dogs, Milly and Boo age 14

Pending retirement, at 84, I need a genuine challenge to keep me lively. Knowing nothing at all about Social Media I plan to become a blogger.

Claim:  Had one of the first three websites in NW England in 1996, made for me by East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce, https://www.recycleworks.co.uk  

Biggest hangup:  Passwords 

Favourite foods:  Dark chocolate, Cream, Butter

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      • Dear Sylvia,
        Blog now coming through, well done a very refreshing chat box for us oldies.
        We are all a lucky lot not to have fought in two worlds wars, and are protected by the NHS, which although struggling, does a fantastic job.
        Let’s all start celebrating instead of moaning about BREXIT.’go for a refreshing walk, ring a friend or buy a dog!


  1. You will never be old Sylvia. You are too busy. Your blog idea for stories and items for older people is a great idea. Stories that could otherwise be lost.


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