April 2018

I have enjoyed meeting two people for the first time. They are both working to make our lives a better place.


Volunteer Champion.  Darren is one of the best

Above we see a picture of Darren. He is doing what he loves doing most. Helping to improve the lives of the Elderly.

As a Volunteer for Age UK he dedicates his spare time to teaching the elderly to learn and improve their digital skills in IT . Gradually the elderly are realising that their phones and tablets are a powerful way to enrich their lives.

Not only does IT make managing our lives easier with bills and banking, It brings together friends and families. IT gives us the ability to swap photos immediately they are snapped, to call a taxi, to order the groceries or buy from on-line shops.

Thank you Darren

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Phil is another young man worth watching

How exercised are you?

Last week was my annual review, you know like a 6000mile service.

I was asked –

Do you Smoke – NO

Do you drink alcohol – NO

Do you exercise – NO

I regard myself as fit and healthy. Well I am, sort of. I just get puffed when I walk so I avoid walking.

In strong minded moments I resolve to exercise, or something. After all my legs are fine and my replacement hip operation just two years ago was perfect. So I have no excuses.

A  friend told me about this website . This helps me to exercise whenever my conscience pricks. I did some of the exercises. I like it. It is simple to begin exercising and simple to progress.  The standards improve as I improve. Whats more it is run by Phil a young qualified guy with a lot of expertise in coaching and nutrition. His dedication to the elderly comes from the heart and this led to the development of these exercise routines dedicated to us. Contact him from this link https://moves4me.com

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