Category: Anything I can do you can do better

This is my challenge for retirement. As I know nothing about Social Media – repeat NOTHING – and I wanted to do something new where I could sit down an do it! I could manage a computer in a way. The rest was going to be fun. Then it became a challenge bigger that I thought.
I am enjoying the challenge and I know that if you take on a challenge I can tell you – YOU can do a challenge too. Don’t be afraid of failing. Be ashamed of not trying.


29th December 2016 It is calm in the kitchen now and I am revising my Social Media knowledge from yesterday. I am exploring all the menu options, something that has never drawn me in before. I am staggered by how much knowledge there is on one page. I […]

At The Start

27th December 2017 I find the whole Social Media thing completely baffling. It is made worse because the very word Password sends me into a fit The language is puzzling. I almost think I understand an article on Social Media but leave it not being able to explain […]