February 2018

TIME is so important. As I get older I seem to use more of it to do less. However it is never wasted, even when it is used to recover some more energy.

February is one of the most optimistic months. We are excitedly awaiting the male frogs in our small pond. They are a bit late this year! We know they come to us early on their breeding schedule as our pond  is small therefore it warms up sooner. The males come and croak loudly and await the females who may arrive within 48 hours of the croaking beginning. It sounds like a fairy story and we expect the handsome prince will jump out any minute now. The pond water bubbles with activity. It usually preoccupies the dogs who look on with amazement! Suddenly the pond fills with frogspawn and then all goes quiet for a while. The very sad part is that the frogs come down from the moors and have to cross a couple of busy roads on their way. They come in droves and it is heartbreaking if a car passes over them. After all the driver seldom sees the masses of frogs as they are the same colour as the tarmac.

February is the month when the birds start to nest. The dawn chorus gets louder daily as more birds join the area. More flowers blossom each day. The pussy willow and all the catkins give up joy to those who look on. New buds on the bushes get a little bit bigger each day. I do so wish that we did not have so much mud this year! It is quite treacherous. is growing. I am learning more skills, like editing, and I go to the Word Press meet-ups that continue to help me to master a bit more technology each month.

I have been looking at the benefits for those of you who tell us their stories, the Story Tellers. I know very well that Story Tellers enjoy recalling their past. We know that it is cathartic. We are finding more and more that friends and relatives of the Story Tellers thank us for the stories that were also a part of their lives. Relatives are often keen to know these stories are not lost. But, it poses the questions about the stories that have yet to be told on We are almost always asked to go back to hear more. The exiting thing is that there is so much more to hear.

As I am writing this and since writing my second paragraph the frogs have started mating in the pond – would you believe it. I am particularly interested in one frog who is mating a large yellow frog. Can anyone comment to me about that, please.

Meanwhile enjoy what you do. I will be beck with more stories.

2018 – to come

We are planning to enrol more Story Gatherers to support my work, so if you are interested please get in touch with me at There is no end to the people who are willing to retell their past experiences for posterity, for entertainment, for encouragement and for the satisfaction it gives to recall actual experiences.  It does not really matter where you live. We record in voice and video from an iPhone. We can take written articles. We offer training.

Our target is to concentrate mostly on WW1, We are at the centenary of The Declaration of Peace in 1918 and there is a wealth of part stories artefacts and pictures held in Family Albums. We would love to help to uncover many individual stories and put them on record for posterity. Additionally we would like to expand the section on Heritage and we have plans to introduce new categories for which we have been asked. It is your Telling Tales Blog and we welcome your ideas and suggestions.

2017 October – December- gone.

After three months I have come a long way but I am not really satisfied with my progress. There are interruptions in daily life. Milly died just before Christmas. I had the flu – this is the first year I had the flue jab interestingly. Wrote off my car. However I joined a Meetup group interested in Word Press (impressive, I know)! Networking with the help of Enterprise4all has been useful and I got the job of helping with the YOUNG ROOTS Heritage project from them. The practicalities of setting up an exciting new business with Zero capital is challenging. Positively I have encountered nothing but support and help from all the contributors. Some stories are already generating further stories and, as they say, watch this space.

Time goes by ———            It is already October 2017

Summer 2017 was good but my intended retirement at Christmas 2016 was long delayed until mid July 2017.

The garden was lovely and I enjoyed eating, and freezing, a lot of the produce. There was FAR too much for one person but there were others willing to share it with me, spreading the goodness of healthy fresh food.

My retirement did not change my life much. For a start the dogs were delighted. Both dogs like fresh food especially fruit and as this is their home they felt no pressure to ask before helping themselves. Boo, who has very short legs, can pick blackberries, strawberries, raspberries and tomatoes if they are low down. She can also raise herself by climbing on to the pots. She is always runs out of the door to get the first choice of fallen fruit and hopefully the lions share if everyone else is slower.

The home benefitted too. It got more hours of tlc but I do dislike housework. It exhausts me.

So it was time again to learn my intended craft for my retirement. I learned more about making the website and am now feeling fairly proficient. I went to classes for this and that, made plans for the future, and visited kind people who were happy to share their past with you and me. You can read their stories on  Let me know if you think I would be better to change something. I am open to improvement and can only improve if I know what is wrong. I need all the help you can give me. So the address is telling I look forward to our first conversation. I am really excited about it.

APRIL is synonymous with hope and happiness and I hope this spreads into every corner of your life too.

For me March 2017 has been frustrating. Technology know how has not come to me as quickly as I would like. Stories are with us all waiting to be told to you. As soon as I can I will get more real life stories on

I am shocked just how many men tell me that flogging was normal in most schools when we were young. It was common in some girls’ schools too. I have met more men who admit to setting fire to a Barn or two. Some ‘old boys’ are more full of remorse than others! Just how did we survive our upbringing and its many adventures? I do not think my mother knew that most of the rips and tears in my clothes came from my dexterity to negotiate barbed wire. My Vicars’ Knees are mostly the result of speed cycling. In those days we got scars, not points for speeding!!

I hope to bring more stories coming for in the coming weeks.

Whatever you are up to keep Looking on The Bright Side!*

  • Looking on the Bright Side is a 1932 British musical comedy film. It was directed by Graham Cutts and Basil Dean and starred Gracie Fields, Richard Dolman, and Betty Shale. It was made at Ealing Studios. Remember??

Here we are into March 2017 already. Spring is upon us and we are all optimistic about the future. There is frogspawn in our tiny pond. The days are getting longer. There is so much to do and enjoy even when looking out of the window. The birds are building nests already. They are very hungry!

Making is getting a bit easier. I am learning more each time I try. We have some good stories ready to tell on Telling and a few videos for you to see. I try to put pictures where I can. It makes finding the stories so much easier! I hope to have new stories every week so please read them when you can and leave us a comment. I’m hoping you will be motivated to tell us one of your stories. Anything that you want to share, the good times and the bad times, the old times and the present times.

Sylvia x